Iloilo 2012: Day 1

This blog post is an exercise to hone my (travel) writing skills, a good excuse to write a blog post :)

Iloilo - Guimaras trip happened last (07/19 - 07/21/12) this a pefect definition of backlog. It's hard to write after a vacation, the next day your back at work, working your butts off to pay for the next trip haha it's a vicious cycle.

Boat ride from Guimaras to Iloilo

Game plan was to wake up early and go back to Iloilo. I think we were right on time as per our travel plan, we still have to look for a room to sleep in :)

After a grueling search and walk, we stayed at Ong Bun Pension house, 330 pesos for a fan room and shared toilet & bath. I ain't complaining, the el cheapo me was very happy! it was for one night and i'm all good!

First order of the day: Roberto's

Mama and Papa went to Iloilo this year too, the only pasalubong and bilin she had was the Queen Siopao. Unfortunately, it wasn't available when we went there. I think we ordered the King Siopao, downside of not taking notes and writing after your travel is (severe) memory loss haha, that's why I am very grateful to google :)

Ong bun is perfectly situated near Robinson's, terminal and Chinatown. For lunch we tried Deco's La Paz Batchoy, which I think is better than Ted's or because of the extra chicharon that they gave.

After lunch we headed out to see the two churches located in the southern part of Iloilo, the San Joaquin Church and Miag-Ao church.

How we got there: We took the Jeep going to San Joaquin at Super (Terminal) near Robinsons, it was a long trip and during that trip, paranoid me was telling that we were lost. No we were not lost, it was just really a long trip :)

I was browsing and reading about the military facade of the church, according to Wikipedia: The large pediment features a military scene when the Spanish won over the Moors in the Battle of Tetuan. Interesting right?

Next stop was Miag-Ao church.

Seeing the Miag-Ao and San Joaquin church was worth the time and effort.Our country boasts the best architectural  in churches and the history behind it. We truly are rich in culture, history and religion.

Part of my travel bucket list is to see all possible Unesco World Heritage Sites here in the Philippines or wherever my feet takes me. I'm a lucky kid, I was able to check another site off my list.

After our afternoon rendezvous, we went back to our room, re-charged & freshened up for our Iloilo night out. Sorry folks, no photos or exciting stories to share. It was just a chill out, 1 bottle of beer night for us.

Day 2 up next.

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