Potipot Expenses

Day 1 for 2  
Dinner 160  
Bus to  Sta. Cruz 928 * 464 each
Grocery 106  
Bus to  Market 44 * 22 each
Market (Food) 300  * 150 each
Jeep to Dawal 18 * 9 each
Buko 100  
Ice Cream  20  
Boat 80 400 RT
Entrance  600 * 300 each
Cottage 150 500 overnight
 Total 2506  

Day 2    
Softdrinks & Chips 20  
Bus to Olonggapo 352    *174 each
Bus to Cubao 424     *212 each 
Dinner  80  
Bus to G.A Tower 42  
Dinner (KFC) 80  
 Total 998  
Grand Total  3504  

Potipot Island: Hits and Miss

Potipot from Uacon Shore line
Starting the year with a trip to Zambales with my office mates. The timing was perfect when the Government declared a long weekend holiday last January 21 - 23 (chinese new year).

We all decided to not plan the trip (not a good idea) just pack our bags,meet at the bus station and go. Read a couple of blogs and tips for Potipot, how to get to the island but the rest is yet to be unfold, not all who wander are lost.

With high spirits we trooped to the bus stations, then came the first challenge.


Vietnam: Day 3 (Cu Chi Tunnels)

Our last day in Saigon and we got our money's worth having Mr. Binh, a war veteran and half filipino as our tour guide. He shared with us his knowledge about the war and the other side of the story, the American version. I have no idea of what happened during the American - Vietnam war, this trip was very educational.

it's a 2 hour bus ride to Cu Chi Tunnels which i think is almost close to the border of Cambodia, we booked the tour from our hotel for $6 (Half day), we get to crawl and chicken out for the first 5 mins of the cu chi tunnel experience :) thank god they have like emergency exits along the way haha :) but the experience overall was superb! Mr. Binh is like a rockstar of all tour guides, he explained everything in a concise way that we can get it, he told us what he really knows, not by the book but the strategies they really used. it was a plus that he was very entertaining and honest, which makes this trip more memorable.

stopover to PWD center and store


IMO: Pleased and Pissed

Twitter land was abuzz last Thursday for the new launch of DOT's campaign, my timeline was filled with the hashtag #1forfun and how excited everybody in twitter was, so I was excited too :) I was hopeful that this could help our tourism. Come Friday, the launch of the new campaign. Minutes later we were already trending worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised, what's the point of being a (CELLPHONE) TEXT CAPITAL if we can't place our candidate to the top 15  for a beauty pageant, we can also trend worldwide on a regular basis, may it be because Jose from Eat Bulaga was so funny that the Filipinos can't help but tweet and share about it. Plus point for DOT, using social media would help make noise for the new campaign. It was a successful launch, the hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines was trending. As a Filipino, I was very hopeful, I was happy. You see, recently I've discovered this passion and love for traveling, then came the opportunity to see other countries (HK - Macau - Saigon) it opened up my eyes to how different our country is, how we can help to entice foreigners to visit our country and what our government could and should do.