Tondol Beach Day 2

Photo from Sir Efren

Woke up early and the sun was up! Just in time for our Island Hopping! I was hesitant to join the group, you see i'm not a big fan of boat rides, I have this notion that I will die because I don't know know how to swim haha thanks to my banana boat experience, it scared the shit out of me. But fear won't keep me from going to places ;) So here I am, quietly sitting and praying for calm waters haha.


Tondol Beach Adventure Part 1

I'm to lazy to go into details about this trip hehe. If there's a travel groupie, that would be me! As long as I have resources, i'll go if you say let's go!

Hats off to Doms for another successful trip! :)

I have no idea where I'm going, according to my brother, it's not the destination, it's the journey.

Trip started early and loud. The energy was contagious, we haven't seen each other for quite some time and we have tons of catching up to do. We left Makati around 5:30am and first order of the day was to have breakfast at Jollibee, NLEX.

Photo from Efren