Singapore 2012: Day 1 (USS & Sentosa)

This our first out of the country family trip and birthday gift to the boys, see my parents are very cost efficient, they planned that my father and brothers must share the same birth date, isn't that perfect? :) this was also the first time I didn't go crazy-planning-mapping-researching for directions and Itineraries, thank god for my cousin who served as our tourist guide! :) 

Disclaimer: This post may not contain any useful information on how to go to Sentosa ;) hahaha so please bear with me, as I savor the day, I became an ordinary tourist and share my day 1 in SG :) 

We left Manila around 10pm and arrived after 3 hours, took the cab to Fragrance Hotel Balestier for 60 SGD

Day 1: Sentosa and Universal Studios

Took the 124 bus to Vivo City, our hotel is near the bus stations, market and convenient stores . I learned that every centavo counts in SG, you must prepare the exact amount for your bus fare, didn't I learned that lesson in Hong Kong

Bus station: OPP Balestier

First official meal of the day at a food court in Vivo City Mall

Took the Monorail to Sentosa 

We opted to go to Universal Studios on a weekday which could save us $6 each haha (say hello to frugal traveling, I think if your traveling with family, you'll learn to budget everything)  

Rates: $68 for one day non-peak pass, $74 for one day peak pass check out the rates here!

The theme park is divided into 7 parts: Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci Fi City and New York.

Madagascar - Lost World - Far Far Away

Far Far Away - New York - Sci-Fi City - Ancient Egypt 
I'm a big wuss, didn't maximize the whole Universal Studios experience :) unlike my brothers and (girl) cousin, plus my 52 year old father, they tried the crazy rides, from The Lost World rapids to The Revenge of The Mummy, while I wait outside with my mother :) I tried the transformers 4d experience, it was rockin'  :) though at some point, I was closing my eyes, cheating the whole experience and wishing it was over and I have to youtube the whole shebang after, to see what I missed out haha, again, I'm a wuss.

My younger brother was brave enough to ride the roller coasters in the sci-fi city - alone! take note, it was his first time to try the roller coaster. 

Around 5 o' clock we went to try the Sky ride and Luge.

View from above
I'm not a big fan of heights, extreme rides and the likes but I will make an exemption for this trip, the sky ride looks pretty scary, your life depends on a bar above your legs. Again, I was born with a box set of fears, you name it, I fear it :) (wuss!) I have no other choice but join the bandwagon then take the Luge from there. Well, it was a memorable ride, it feels like your going to ski up to the mountains, less the snow and skis. 

Helmet on, we carefully listened to the instruction of how to operate the luge, pull up - pull down (I think).

The luge experience was so cool, it was like go karting down the mountains, speeding down with curves and racing each other. Luge Experience - cheeeeeck! to bad my other brother was really tired, he didn't get to experience the adrenaline rush ahaaha, will that make me less of a wuss? haha :) 

It was perfect timing, when we were done with the Luge, the songs of the sea was about to start, got the center seats in the 2nd row and was totally amazed with the show. Makes me wonder why don't we do shows like this in Manila Bay? 

As the show ended, the monorail back to Vivo City was also Jam packed, we decided to walk all the way to Universal to see the fireworks. 

It was a scenic 30 minute walk from Beach station to Universal Studios.

To cap off the night, we had dinner at Vivo City Shopping Mall, then took the bus back to our hotel. Day 1, went according to plan, the weather was really hot but we still enjoyed the shows, theme park rides and food at USS and Sentosa Island.

Helpful Information and Tips:
1. Hydrate - To save money, you can buy one bottle of water and refill it in water stations located inside the theme park (SG water is safe and clean).
2. Wet wipes - The weather during the time we were there was really hot, it helps to freshen up every now and then :)
3. Know the time schedule of the shows you want to watch, so you won't miss out any good shows
4. Keep loose coins, you'll never know when your going to need it (bus fare)
5. If your going to try the Lost World Rapids - be prepared to get soaking wet :) wear clothes that could easily dry, same as the footwear.
6. Wear comfortable shoes, it will be a day of walking, going to places, better to be geared up for walking

Part 2 up next - Mint Toy Museum and Esplanade adventure! 


  1. Great blog! I was wondering how far was the USS from the Skyride/Luge and that to the Songs of the Sea.


    1. Hi! Luge & Skyride is just across the Songs of the Sea :)

  2. nice shots! para narin akong nagsingapore. :D

  3. Singapore is a tourist paradise. You will love it

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