Caramoan Islands: Day 2

Second day of our Caramoan adventure, we started by going to Barangay Tagbon where the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary is located, in order to see the 26 foot shrine/image, we have to conquer the 530 plus steps (I think) I lost count on my way up, as I was a eager beaver to see what's up there!

The view from the top, overlooking Virac, Catanduanes and other islands of Caramoan, according to our guide, if you see the clear clouds in Catanduanes then it will be a perfect weather also over to Caramoan :) weather forecast thru this view!

Another option to get to Caramoan is to take the plane to Virac then a 2 hour boat ride going to Caramoan,  same travel time from Sabang Port, the route we took from Naga.

Overlooking Virac, Catanduanes
Also according to our guide, one generous multinational company President was so amazed by this place that he donated money to help develop the chapel and place.

After our visiting the shrine, we went to the Sandbar, where we had lunch, unfortunately, it was already high tide and all the floating cottages were occupied, instead of waiting for a vacant floating cottage, we ate our lunch inside the boat.

Floating Cottages 

We went to the other islands but it was again closed, I guess Survivor was shooting, after two islands, we finally go off the boat and started swimiming! ;)

My family loves drinking Buco Juice, island hopping trips wouldn't be complete if there's no Buco! :)  and lucky us, for our last island, they spotted this!

Overall Caramoan experience was superb! though we didn't get to see the top islands, it was definitely worth the trip and butt numbing boat ride. I used to say that visiting Caramoan Island will be the least in my travel bucketlist, I guess, we should never say never. I was in awe since Day 1, the beautiful colors of Caramoan, aqua green water, cool rock formations and limestones, green plants and trees all over the island, powdery white  to brownish sand and accommodating locals :)


  1. I have not visited Caramoan Islands :( Even if you guys have not visited the "top islands", I'm still jealous. Haha. The Catanduanes-Caramoan route seems a good alternative.

    1. Hi! Oh you should go to Caramoan!!! :) the pictures doesn't give justice on how beautiful the pocket beaches and islands are. I think the perfect timing would be when the survivor production is on break :) Yea, better take the Catanduanes - Caramoan route, based on other blogs there so much to do in Virac! :)


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