Vietnam: Day 3 (Cu Chi Tunnels)

Our last day in Saigon and we got our money's worth having Mr. Binh, a war veteran and half filipino as our tour guide. He shared with us his knowledge about the war and the other side of the story, the American version. I have no idea of what happened during the American - Vietnam war, this trip was very educational.

it's a 2 hour bus ride to Cu Chi Tunnels which i think is almost close to the border of Cambodia, we booked the tour from our hotel for $6 (Half day), we get to crawl and chicken out for the first 5 mins of the cu chi tunnel experience :) thank god they have like emergency exits along the way haha :) but the experience overall was superb! Mr. Binh is like a rockstar of all tour guides, he explained everything in a concise way that we can get it, he told us what he really knows, not by the book but the strategies they really used. it was a plus that he was very entertaining and honest, which makes this trip more memorable.

stopover to PWD center and store

Different types of trap

We went inside the tunnels and chickened out as soon as we saw an exit

Late lunch in Pho 24

last minute shopping at Ben Tanh Market, we bought coffee and trinkets

Our flight was at 2am (Manila Time) we were at the airport by 730 pm thus the airport hobo-ing


  1. Hi, thanks for your Vietnam tour post. I went there last November but stayed for only 2 days so I wasn't able to tour the city. I'm going to return this April, this time with my mom too. So, I really find your post helpful. Your pictures and blog layout is easy on the eyes as well :)

  2. I am going to BKK this month with a plan to go straight to Siem Reap and pinag-iisipan pa kung mag-vietnam. With your posts, parang gusto ko nang ituloy-tuloy hehe :D mga how much budget niyo sa Vietnam?

  3. @Anonymous, hello! you should have identified yourself so I could thank you properly :D ahah anyways, thank you!!! :D You guys enjoy HCM!!! I'm sure you mom will enjoy the trip.

  4. @Micah, inggit!!! :D I wanna go to Siem Reap!!! :D yes, you should pass by Vietnam, surprisingly bongga sila, we had $300 pocket money and we survived. Bukod sa cheap ng tours and food, the whole experience is so educating :)

  5. Hello there! Vietnam is the kid on the block. They're unstoppable - economy, sports and now, tourism. They just surpassed the Philippines. From what I read, 5 million tourist arrivals nila last year. Mas marami daw kasing tour packages sa Vietnam and cheaper pa.

    I first heard abt Cu Chi tunnels sa blog ni Ate Chyng. Nakaka-curious tuloy. Gusto kong matry din pero parang very creepy. Hehe. It reminds me of Corregidor. :D

    1. Hello Hoobert the Awesome! :) That's so true tour packages are soooooo cheap ;)plus you can pay USD anywhere (Food, Shops, Tours)

      Oh yea, you should try Cu Chi Tunnels! you'll learn a lot, mas creepy ung sa War Remnants Museum because you'll see the images haha jan sa Cu Chi you'll just hear the stories haha :) hope that helps! but you should really go!


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