KL 2012 : Day 1 (09.27.2012)

Because I owe this blog so much. I will try to recount my first trip to Malaysia.

Part of my birthday ritual was to spend another year in another country.

Thanks to FB I have photos to help me remember what  I did during that day haha.

First stop: Petronas  Twin Towers


Vietnam 2013: Hanoi (09.25.2013)

Just like what I posted in my fb account, I am back in Vietnam, this time around in the northern part, Hanoi! there's something about Vietnam that makes me keep coming back for more, the good food, culture, history and the best part, cheap finds! 

Unlike Saigon, I find Hanoi a little bit tamed, less the hustle and bustle. For the first two days of our stay  it was raining cats and dogs! Surprisingly, Hanoi has four seasons, and the month of September was supposedly fall - autumn, the best time to visit Hanoi. The rain didn't stop us from seeing the beautiful spots in Hanoi.


Bangkok 2013: Day 3

A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete if you don't go on a shopping splurge, luckily this time our scheduled trip and last day on this vibrant city falls on a weekend. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the ultimate shopping mecca for tourists and foreigners.