KL 2012 : Day 1 (09.27.2012)

Because I owe this blog so much. I will try to recount my first trip to Malaysia.

Part of my birthday ritual was to spend another year in another country.

Thanks to FB I have photos to help me remember what  I did during that day haha.

First stop: Petronas  Twin Towers

It pays that my mother has been to Malaysia, she bugged me to wake up early because the Twin towers accommodates a certain number of guest per day. True enough we got to the ticketing office, there was already a line. TIP: GET TICKETS EARLY and listen to your mother, they are always right hahaa.

According to their website:

The world's highest double-decked bridge symbolises a gateway to the future and provides a stunning vantage point of Kuala Lumpur. Linking the towers at levels 41 and 42, it facilitates movement, and functions as an escape route in case of emergencies.

The Skybridge is supported by a "three-hinged arch" consisting of giant round bearings at the base and a pair of legs 51 metres in length. The base of the arch is located at level 29 of each tower, while the cylindrical legs are bolted to a box girder at the centre of the bridge.

Our next stop was the Observation deck:

The highest level I have been in my 26 years of existence (during that time, year 2012 hahaa)

We took a cab to see another tower, the KL Tower:

Second observation deck for the day haha! :) and as I am reliving memories, another copy paste description of the tower from their website:

Experience the lives of metropolitan city, breathtaking sunset and unforgettable night views at the height of 276 meters above ground level.

Twin Towers from the KL Tower observation deck 

If only I had the strength haha i'd probably be jumping of the KL Tower haha not sure though if they still allow base jump but that looks fun and risky haha :)

I remember nursing a terrible migraine during that day and after visiting KL tower we went back to the hotel to rest and talk to my father online.

Our third and last stop for the day was the Merdeka Square:

After walking around the Merdeka square and admiring the beautiful buildings , We checked out the closest shopping store / market called central market, where we also had lunch, another must try when in Malaysia is their Chicken Satay with peanut butter sauce :)

My mother decided to check out the shops while I sat at the food court waiting for her. I was never a fan of shopping or window shopping.

We waited until it got dark to see the lights in the buildings and it didn't fail us:

Same with the Petronas twin towers, wanted to see its full glory during night and with lights on!

I miss traveling and I miss Malaysia! :)

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