Bangkok 2013: Day 3

A trip to Bangkok wouldn't be complete if you don't go on a shopping splurge, luckily this time our scheduled trip and last day on this vibrant city falls on a weekend. Chatuchak Weekend Market is the ultimate shopping mecca for tourists and foreigners.

I'm gettting to biased on how much a I love and appreciate their train system, BTS. It made our lives easier, from getting to point a to point b. No stress in haggling and hustling with taxi & tuktuk drivers, though it could be confusing at times to what platfrom we should get into but its better than getting a taxi or tuktuk, get stuck in traffic or head to another jewelry store ahha.

Chatuchak market can be easliy accessible from Mo Chit Station then walk 100 meters and your in shopping heaven (that is to my mother and younger brother). If your not a shopping junkie like me, there a food stalls or mini food resto to chill and have a meal while you wait for your family to raid and shop around the market.

Over a hundred shops, I don't think you'll never walk out empty handed, like me, well I have a very good excuse, I need a white shirt for my red pants haha so I bought a cute shirt for 150 baht, not bad eh?

We came a little bit too early, the stores were just starting to open, well it was a good decision than go on late afternoon and be swallowed by the maddening flock of tourists shopping too, plus we still need to transfer to another shopping spot, MBK. 

After two hours. my brother emerged with shopping bags. We went back to the hotel, took a bath, checked out of the hotel, left our baggages in their counter and had lunch at food republic in Siam Center. 

Gave my brother and mother another hour to shop in MBK while me and my other brother just waited and had dessert at Swensen's. Our flight back to Manila was a red eye flight 1230am, we left the city around 5pm and just waited for the Cebu Pacific gate to open at 940pm.

That caps off our family trip from Cambodia to Bangkok. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't be back to these awesome countries in the future. More UNESCO world heritage sites to explore, overland trips to unknown provinces, learn more culture and history and stuff my stomach with authentic Thai and Khmer dish! :)

Future looks oh so bright!

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