Bangkok 2013: Day 2

Second day was more exciting, we took the BTS to National Stadium and walked to Jim Thompson's house and museum.

It was a 40 minute guided tour for 100 baht but we were not allowed to take photographs inside the house. Inside the house were his collections from Buddhas, China wares and other important artifacts. He also incorporated his western influences like toilets inside the house, marble flooring and the way he designed the floor plan.

After the tour, we roamed around the garden then rode the free shuttle back to the main street which is close to the BTS National Stadium.

Along the way we saw food stalls and we couldn't resist not to try the iced coffee, iced tea and buttered bread :) 

We went back to the hotel, rested a bit and went to our next destination, Wat Arun Temple.

Directions to Wat Arun:

Take BTS to S6 Saphan Taksin - 37 Baht
Get off and take Chao Phraya Express Boat to N8 Tha Thien - 15 Baht
Take another boat to cross the river - 3 Baht

Last time we were here, we had a dinner buffet cruise in Chao Phraya, now I was able to experience and see the temples in broad daylight. 

Entrance to Wat Arun Temple - 50 Baht

After our temple expedition, I rested again and accompanied my brothers to the legendary Khao San Road, thanks to the movie, Hangover.

The place was packed with tourist, food stalls and clothing shops. I think we came in too early and witnessed the beer drinking contest only, too bad it wasn't the wild street party that we used to hear and see online, the boys were famished and after eating local delicacies for the past 3 days they wanted to eat something familiar and safe, McDonald's.

Ended the night in KSR not with a beer on my hand but with a stomach full of fries, assorted dips and cheeseburger haha. I was happy to share this travel moment with my Brothers. As we exchange notes on how clean and beautiful Cambodia was, how touristy and colorful Bangkok is.

Luckily our cab used the meter all the way to the hotel and slumbered to bed for another day, our last day in Bangkok.

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