Bangkok 2013: Day 1

Here I am again, back in Bangkok but this time around with my 2 brothers. We've traveled for 5 hours by land from Cambodia. Arrived earlier than expected which gave us more time to explore the city.

We stayed at Bangkok City Hotel, 10 min walk to Ratchathewi BTS station. Taking the BTS around the city this time around, no more taxi, tuktuk and jewelry trips - scam. 

I forgot to take photos of our accommodation in Siem Reap, we were too tired and exhausted when we arrived and the next day we left for our temple tour. 

As soon as we settled our stuff in the hotel, we went to Siam Center (One station away from Ratchathewi for 15 baht) to have late lunch and for my brothers to see the Siam Ocean World and Wax Museum. 

While we were waiting for the boys, I saw this very cute cafe! Teddy Bears hanging, Toy Soldiers everywhere, flowers and deliciously looking desserts plus the cafe's name was very intriguing, Mr. Jones' Orphanage. I checked the menu and my sweet tooth was activated ahaha

We didn't realize that we were hanging out for 2 hours haha! it was a laid back afternoon in Bangkok City, I knew this trip will be awesome :) 

And if ever I come back, I'll make sure to dine and try the other cute cafes that caught my eye :)

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