IMO: Pleased and Pissed

Twitter land was abuzz last Thursday for the new launch of DOT's campaign, my timeline was filled with the hashtag #1forfun and how excited everybody in twitter was, so I was excited too :) I was hopeful that this could help our tourism. Come Friday, the launch of the new campaign. Minutes later we were already trending worldwide. I wouldn't be surprised, what's the point of being a (CELLPHONE) TEXT CAPITAL if we can't place our candidate to the top 15  for a beauty pageant, we can also trend worldwide on a regular basis, may it be because Jose from Eat Bulaga was so funny that the Filipinos can't help but tweet and share about it. Plus point for DOT, using social media would help make noise for the new campaign. It was a successful launch, the hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines was trending. As a Filipino, I was very hopeful, I was happy. You see, recently I've discovered this passion and love for traveling, then came the opportunity to see other countries (HK - Macau - Saigon) it opened up my eyes to how different our country is, how we can help to entice foreigners to visit our country and what our government could and should do.

Our country is blessed with beautiful shore lines, vast land for the adventure seekers and we are known for our hospitality. We were blessed to have 7,107 islands. Why not take advantage of that? more tourists coming means economic growth, jobs and a list of endless possibilities for the country to grow. 

I'm no expert, here's my 2 cents with this campaign. They did a pretty decent job with the campaign, it takes guts, time and effort to come up with a new slogan and logo. Mr. Jimenez, wouldn't put his name on the line if he knew that it would be more fun in Switzerland. I can't believe how hours later, the campaign has been mocked and lambasted. Why don't you no-good-ungrateful-citizens come up with a ORIGINAL SLOGAN. You should have pitched in, I can't believe how other people can waste their time researching if the the tagline was ORIGINAL OR NOT? good or bad publicity it doesn't help our country, what do you want to point out that we are bunch of copycats? that we can't come up with taglines such as Malaysia, truly asia? i don't really get it why our own kababayans would dig holes and not support DOT. 

Ironic how the campaign showcases the Filipinos are the best assets for this campaign, how hospitable and accommodating we are. Yes, I believe that the BAYANIHAN SYSTEM lives and that each and every Filipino is proud and makabayan. We were known to be a democratic country, we fought for our freedom, but that power has been abused, not only by the citizens but also by the government. When tough times call,  Filipinos lend a helping hand to those in need, which is one of the best qualities Filipinos are known for, Also despite to whatever tragedy that happened, we always manage to smile and rise above. 

Yes, I am very pleased and pissed with the turn of events. I am pleased that this new campaign will bring in more tourist, that it will showcase the best of what our country can give. I salute, the team and people behind this campaign. I am pissed with citizens who gave their time and effort finding loopholes to this campaign. Instead of spreading the good news, they bring in the bad news. Yea, it's more fun to MAKE FUN OF THE PHILIPPINES. Hats off also to you, for you really did your homework. You should have imparted that knowledge to the authorities :) could have help the team in conceptualizing. 

Loud and proud,

Wanderlust Wannabe


  1. same thoughts here ate jarvik. original idea or not, we should all unite to raise the country's tourism a notch higher. it's more fun in the philippines if Filipinos will work as one!

    1. Hello Kim!!! :) onga we should all unite and volt in!!! :) thanks for visitiong ze blog, i'll link you ha?


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