Caramoan Island Day 1

My parents are both Bicolano and every summer, we visit our relatives, go to the beach, hit the mall, eat and spend sleepless nights bonding with cousins. This year, we decided to do something different, since our parents were born and raised in Bicol plus, they haven't been to Caramoan, we opted to push thru this trip, even if it means we have to take a 1 hour and 30 minutes jeepney ride at 5am to Sabang port, 2 hour boat ride to Guijalo port and 15 - 20 mins tricycle ride where we will stay.

We stayed at CBD Plaza Hotel strategically located in front of Naga's Terminal (Bus, Van, Jeep) and SM.  Mama got a good deal 1,000 for 12 hours. Since we need to leave at 5am to catch the 7am boat to Guijalo port.

The port has now a makeshift raft in order to get the passengers to the boat, according to my aunt, before they used to carry people from the shoreline to the boat, since it was high tide and the waves were crazy. You just need to pay 10 pesos and the porter that will help you carry your baggage.

I hate boat rides, i'm scared of the water, I always think that the boat will get capsized or I'll drown and die because I don't know how to swim, but this boat ride, surprisingly, I really enjoyed. It was the smoothest, calmness boat ride to date. Even though it rained crazy (for a short time), I wasn't scared, I was one with the calm water and gentle waves of the sea.

The boat ride was so fun, after 1 hour and 46 minutes we made it, paid 200 pesos each for environmental fee (I guess, can't remember) and also the boat ride was 120 each. My mother took care of booking our accommodation, we stayed at Residencia De Salvacion, thanks to their very accommodating staff and good food, it was worth the 3,400 per head. Booked via Agoda and read the reviews at trip advisor.

After our breakfast, we took the habal habal to the port to start our island hopping tour. We passed by the Centro, church and city hall. Caramoan's centro feels like a sleepy town.

We boarded the boat at 10am and off we go for our 1st day of Island Hopping

The downside of this trip was our tour guide not being a tour guide at all, he doesn't even know the name of the islands that were going to. Then, Survivor USA started filming too, some of the top islands were closed, it was Sunday and they were filming all over the place. But the overall experience was unforgettable. 

I was mesmerized of how beautiful the rock formations, the clear - aqua color water. 

1st Island: Kagbalinad Island 

This island is near the Gota Village (Hunongan Cove) where the production crew stays. 

Festive Lunch by the beach
After our sumptuous lunch, we continued our tour to Matukad and Lahos Island, unfortunately, both islands were closed, Survivor was shooting. The boatman told us that we were headed to Tinago Cove, but that day the weather was bit crazy, all of a sudden it rained and current was strong. To be safe, we retreated and went to another Island. According to the boatman, the boat must enter a small opening to the cove and our boat might hit the limestone's.

I thought we were headed home, then we went to this nice cove - island, the sand was powdery white and fine, we only have 10 minutes to explore the island as the security/speed boat of Survivor was on it's way to the island. I also heard that this is the place where the legendary bangus is found, one must climb the hill to see the lagoon and fish.

We went to two more islands and headed home, the rain started to pour. It was an exhausting day 1, but it was worth the travel, we get to see the marvelous islands of Caramoan, though some of it were closed. Surely I'll be back and hopefully this time, I get to see the other islands.

Day 2 up next ... 

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