Tondol Beach Adventure Part 1

I'm to lazy to go into details about this trip hehe. If there's a travel groupie, that would be me! As long as I have resources, i'll go if you say let's go!

Hats off to Doms for another successful trip! :)

I have no idea where I'm going, according to my brother, it's not the destination, it's the journey.

Trip started early and loud. The energy was contagious, we haven't seen each other for quite some time and we have tons of catching up to do. We left Makati around 5:30am and first order of the day was to have breakfast at Jollibee, NLEX.

Photo from Efren 

My iPod came in handy during this trip which I used (at some point), I played DJ and thanks to Kuya Ruel's interesting playlist, this trip was epic.

Lunch at Papatok's 

After countless laughter's, seeking for directions and gas - cr break, we finally made it to Tondol.

We were welcomed by calm waters, dark clouds and an inviting beach.

I was happy to have a GPRS signal to update - to be updated, Sand & Water on my feet, Camp by the beach and the place is all ours ;)

This beach is filled with starfish, every step you take, every move you make, there's a starfish (parang kanta lang) Haha!

After exploring the place, we were hungry. Ok, I was hungry haha! :) Pansit for merienda :) but wait there's more, now I have to burn all the calories by doing the Jump Shot. Thanks to my boyfriend for capturing frame by frame how-jarvik-jumps-in-a-an-awkward-way.

The awesomeness of this photo was being out of focus in the last frame
:) goofing around 

Happy kids, happy tummies. Buko, Fried Fish, Pinakbet and the super delicious Adobo. I think Adobo is one of the safest food in every out of town menu, you'll never go wrong with Adobo! :D

Well we can't really have it all, it rained like cats & dogs during that night and the only thing we can do was to hang out at the lanai, exchange funny stories and eat marshmallows ;) it was a fun night though, I was surrounded by happy, positive people :) it was a good night filled with laughter and happy memories!!!

To be continued...

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