Tondol Beach Day 2

Photo from Sir Efren

Woke up early and the sun was up! Just in time for our Island Hopping! I was hesitant to join the group, you see i'm not a big fan of boat rides, I have this notion that I will die because I don't know know how to swim haha thanks to my banana boat experience, it scared the shit out of me. But fear won't keep me from going to places ;) So here I am, quietly sitting and praying for calm waters haha.

The Nervous smile and the happy boy

The first Island that we went to was very interesting, it was like an island of dead corals formed in the middle of the sea :) then we saw this dead sea snake. (parang ang redundant ng dead corals, dead sea snake haha) best part of this island was waiting for Emil to jump off the boat. I don't have a photo but believe me it was epic haha. It was a mash up of going free fall and loud thud ;)

Island in the sun

Moved to another Island, the water was calm, sun was really up and it was a perfect day to laze around the beach, dance and goof around.

dancing around baby boy
Photo from Sir Efren
After the Island hopping, the group decided to take a plunge and swim before we head back to the resort. I happily watch them enjoy the water :) 

On our way back to reality, it was raining hard and as soon as we got off the resort our van got stalled in the mud. The boys helped to push and shoved the mud and clear the way, while I was inside the van helping them count, 1, 2, 3, Goooooooo! ;) feels like our Calaguas trip all over again, where the boys need to help. But it's all good, we made it, they made it! haha 

Tondol was a much needed getaway, to be surrounded by positive - happy people is a bliss. To feel the sand and water is comforting. It may have rained during our trip but it didn't stop us to have a good time, to get to know each other, to learn from each other. I may not exactly know where i'm heading to, I just go with the flow and I know everything will turn out okay.

Good vibes, good times. Life is good.

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