Bangkok Day 0

This is a blog post about my adventure in Bangkok, how life is Ironic, how we got scammed by a Taxi (not just once, but twice the same day) and how we managed to get around BKK with no Map haha ;)

We left Manila around 10:30PM, the same time it started raining, the wind was blowing and we were soaking wet when we entered the plane. It didn't help that the tube was under construction, there goes our travel tax, terminal fee. 

The plane left on time and it was a rough take off, the weather was crazy and I was trying to calm my nerves and trying to detach all morbid scenarios that goes into my head (mind over matter I say) well before this trip, I researched and read tons of stuff about anxiety, turbulence and the whole shebang about a fearful flyer. I even blogged about it, to remind myself that the ratio of plane crash is 1:11 Million (hahah research freak!). Life is truly Ironic, so besides mind setting and preparing myself, life has this funny way to test me, why not let's take off while the storm is about to start and shake the plane a bit and make it a bumpy ascent, then let's make the passenger go "woooah, waa" and I try to concentrate by reading the magazine, while I can feel my mother clenching to her seat. I calmly even told her "Ma, stay calm, probability of plane crash is 1;11 Million" the only thing that I can hold on  to, that ratio haha. 

After 3 hours and I can't remember how many minutes, we finally arrived in Bangkok. Since we took the red eye flight, I arranged a hotel near the airport to sleep in and moved to the city in the morning.

In transit to Phaya Thai

We took the BTS (Bangkok Mass Train System) to Phaya Thai, it was the express train, travel time was 45 minutes. Our Bangkok Adventure starts here.

To be continued, next post...

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