Bangkok Day 2 : Ayutthaya & Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Day 2 started early, we have booked a day tour package from the hotel for 1,200 baht inclusive of pick up from  hotel, lunch and fees in Ayutthaya and Bang Pa In Palace .

Next to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Ayutthaya was part of  my travel bucket list, I wanted to see all Unesco World Heritage sites here in Asia. Lucky me, the day started really well, the weather was hot but it was a good day to see the temples and learn bout Bangkok's culture and history.

I have no DIY tips for Ayutthaya as I find it convenient to join a travel group, I don't need to think about how to get there and how to get to one temple to another, It would be cheaper if we did DIY but it's less hassle for 2 girls who has no sense of direction to get a travel package.

While we were waiting and having snacks, my mother saw this flood mark when Ayutthaya was flooded last October 2011. It's amazing how this city has survived and recovered. According to our tourist guide, Ayutthaya is like an island because it is surrounded by water, 3 rivers to be exact. 

This place is full of history, beautiful temples and culture. I'm happy that I get to cross out another place in my travel bucket list.

Commercial break: I had a crazy migraine during our tour, not sure because of the weather or I was tired from all the walking and temple tour, then I saw this coffee stall HALLELUJAH! Travel trips will never be complete if I don't have Iced Coffee. This is such a life saver, energy giving drink! hahaha ;) 
The day wasn't over, our last stop was at Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, also known as the summer palace of the  Thai kings. 

Photodump below:

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