HK 2006: Part 1

Hong Kong was my first out of the country trip, I have no idea about traveling and what traveling is about, now I realized I should have properly smiled for the camera, took photos of random things and blogged about it. Good that I uploaded all photos to multiply.

Hello 2006 Me.

I didn't knew back then that the HKIA was the biggest airport in the Asia, kindly correct me if i'm wrong! :)

First meal of the day: Burger

My first HK meal was a burger, it was a very safe choice but a wrong move haha, I should have tried the local dish, authentic HK food haha.

Our hotel was a block away from the night market and near the MTR station in Jordan. See, I don't have photos to prove that we lived near the night market or we stayed in a hotel haha, but we did, it was all part of the travel package tour mother has arranged. DIYs and travel blog weren't big back then haha.

Day 0: Arrive in HK at 2pm
Day 1: Disneyland 
Day 2: Half Day City Tour and Half Day Shenzhen
Day 3: Free Day, back to MNL in the afternoon

Day 1: Hong Kong Disneyland

I felt like a kid again! Who wouldn't be? I was very excited, I didn't know what to expect but I was looking forward to an awesome day.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse was there to welcome us

The weather cooperated, it was hot and sunny the whole time, it drizzled a bit in the afternoon but overall the weather was perfect. We spent the whole day wandering around, watching shows and trying the rides (space mountain, carousel, winnie the pooh and the train that goes around the whole theme park). It was perfect!!!

Well, I tried one extreme ride and I will never forget this ride! It was the space mountain, little did I know that it was a roller coaster, of all rides, why this? I have no idea too, my mother was just pushing me to try this ride, I didn't even bother to ask or read the map about this ride, she nagged me to try this ride. To think, 22 years of my life, I was shielded, protected and warned to never ever ride the roller coaster, it's scary, unsafe and dangerous. Fast forward to 2006, she pushed me to try this ride, to be fair to her, she had no idea that it was a roller coaster, it was a Buzz Lightyear ride for crying out loud. Surprise! surprise! to start my day in the most amazing place in the world, I agreed to ride MY FIRST EVER ROLLER COASTER ride. 

The first 10 seconds was beautiful, it was all about stars, constellations, there were tons of oooooohs and aaaahs until we were cruising and picking up speed in pitch black. I felt like I signed up for a death ride, okay, I am exaggerating. All I can do was scream and curse hahaha. I was alone in the cart, me and my tortured soul. It was crazy, it was sickening but I get to cross out something major of my bucket list haha. Thanks Ma, for nagging me to do this, she wanted to join me, I told her not to, as I feel I was old enough that I no longer need parental guidance, she should have been with me, screaming ,terrified and dizzy walking out, it felt like a really bad hangover less the alcohol of course, but I managed to shake it off and moved on hahaha. 

Disneyland's theme that year was DISNEY PRINCESS. 

The parade was awesome and entertaining, especially the Filipino dancers and mascots, who were part of the parade, they would greet and call us KABAYAN haha.

This a dream come true, to be in Disneyland, see your favorite characters come to life, it truly was a magical day, not only for me but for my mother and grand mother as well.

 One of the best highlights of this trip was the FIREWORKS at the end of the day. It sucks that I can't find the videos that I recorded but I vividly remember how beautiful it was, the lights from the castle, the music that synchronized with fireworks. I was crying haha, it was so beautiful, I felt overwhelmed. So overwhelmed, I was left in a complete awe.

5 years after, I found myself in Hong Kong again, this time around, no travel tours; it was me, my map, my itinerary and Mother to tag along. I'll never get tired of this place, I believe there's more to see and more places to explore, I wouldn't mind going back to Disneyland too! :)

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