Kuala Lumpur: Day 1 (09.27. 2012)

Celebrated my birthday in Kuala Lumpur last year, keeping the tradition that I spend my birthday traveling abroad, isn't it a good excuse to travel and see more places? *big smirk*

First order of the day was to see the beautiful Petronas tower. It was a 15 minute walk from Bukit Bintang to KLCC, the weather was perfect and the walkway all the way to KLCC was air conditioned, which made the walking much easier and walking is the best way to see and explore a new city, a new country!

PILIPINAS represent! upon purchasing the tickets they will ask you from what country, in my case, the ticketing officer asked me if I'm from the Philippines :) 

Woke up early to secure tickets as they only allow 1,000 visitors per day. They have time slots where you can choose and as early as 8am some of the time slots were almost full, I think the best time to go to the skybridge and 86th floor is around 530PM - 600PM during sunset, best time for taking photos, these schedules where already booked when we went to the ticketing office.

The tour to the skybridge and 86th floor was very systematic; there's an electronic board to update you which time slot is open, then you'll go with a group of 20-30 people per time slot, you also have to wear a color coded vistor pass.

We were welcomed by a Hologram Lady

Celebrated my 27th on the 42nd floor hahaha!

Mother enjoying the interactive QR code tickets 

View from 86th floor

After seeing the Petronas tower we moved to KL Tower, took the cab from KLCC to KL tower, we paid 20 ringgit.

According to Wikipedia:

The KL tower is the highest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur. 

It gives tourist a 360 degree view of the city, the observation deck is filled with souvenir shops and most of the vendors knows how to greet in Filipino haha they'd say Kamusta? Bili na kayo dito! hahaha. I also watched base jumpers leap off the tower and was left in awe when they land in the parking area of the tower haha.

Base Jumpers in KL tower

After seeing the KL tower, the unbearable heat started to slow us down or we were just hungry, we decided to go back to our hotel and catch up with my Father who'll be online and wanted to greet me a happy birthday and also our leftover pizza was waiting in the ref from my birthday salubong.

On our way back to the hotel, the driver offered if we wanted to pass by the biggest chocolate factory in Kuala Lumpur, we instantly said yes! it was part of our itinerary to shop for chocolates.

Choco heaven and Birthday Macaroons

It was Mama's second time in Beryl's Chocolate Store, she was telling me how good the truffles tasted, that's why it was part of the itinerary hahaha! I can now truly attest to her statement, it was truffles heaven! :) too bad that I don't have photos to prove it, it was that good ahaha!

After a quick nap we decided to continue the day by going to the central market and see the Merdeka Square too. I was too lazy to get off the bed and a throbbing headache wasn't helping at all. I think it was because of the weather, it was too hot that day. Well, I got what I wished for, a sunny birthday! i'm not complaining and went on with our itinerary.

Central Market 

We took the monorail and followed the map. Sorry, can't remember what line we took but we were fortunate enough that a Filipino was there to help us find our way, it was walk - walk - walk til we finally got to our destination.

We wandered the streets of Merdeka and ended up at the central market, Mother was busy going to the shops and I was just in the food court waiting for her and nursing a headache haha.

Awesome Buildings & Architectures

Inside central market, chicken satay and seafood rice

The first night that we arrived in Malaysia we passed by the square and saw how beautiful these building are at night, the lights were changing in every building. So we made sure that we get to witness it first hand. We waited til nightfall, it started to get dark by 8pm hahaha.

More stalls outside the central market

Merdeka Square at night: (Top Photo:) Malaysia Textile Building, (Bottom Left Photo:)Sultan Abdul Samad Building, (Bottom Right Photo) 95 meter flagpole (one of the tallest in the world)

(Bottom Left Photo: Victorian Fountain)

Since this is DIY tour and we heavily relied on our maps, we had no idea about the history and the names of the buildings. Just now that I learned about the interesting facts and information of the Merdeka Square, thanks to technology.

- Merdeka Square is situated infront of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It was here the Union Flag was lowered and the Malayan Flag hoised for the first time - source: Wikipedia

- Sultan Abdul Samad Building formerly housed the superior courts of Malaysia.

- Malaysia Textile Building used to be a part of the Federal Malay States Railway source: Malaysia Vacation Guide

Both buildings were designed by A.C Norman, a British Architect and was inspired by the Muslim mosques in India.

Since we were already out and we don't want to miss the opportunity to see Malaysia at night, we went back to see the glorious Petronas Towers.

KLCC at night
We took tons of photos, the only souvenir  I keep everytime I travel hahaha. The Petronas was like a rockstar, it doesn't need to try hard to please and amaze us, we were just there, staring at it and wondering how powerful and beautiful this structure is. It gave Malaysia an extra oomph, as a country :)

KL sentral to KLCC

Malaysia like any other country is wide awake at night haha, shops are everywhere, specially near the Bukit Bintang area, the streets are filled with shoppers, tourist and side street sellers. The 15 minute walk back to our hotel from KLCC was easy, we were like window shopping from one end to another.

Sephora, H&M & Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang

Crossing of Bukit Bintang where we stayed near the Mono Rail

I ended the day with a double cheeseburger from McDonald's, a good way to cap off a very jampacked schedule. Couldn't believe that i've seen so many tourist sites in one day, we were able to cover the top tourist spots that we wanted to see, despite the headache and tired feet. I feel exhausted at the same time contented that at my 27th birthday I was able to see God's beautiful creations, another year, another country.

I slept happy that day, ready to see the Batu caves and explore the city some more. I couldn't imagine what Kuala Lumpur would look like less the Petronas and Merdeka Square. This country is filled with historical and cultural background, plus the food was amazing! I could eat satay all day long and bear the smell of Indian food. Aah the things you do for travel! I am blessed, another year older, another country off my bucketlist.

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