Kuala Lumpur: Day 3 (09.29.12)

Since we've covered everything we wanted to see (Petronas, KL Tower, Merdeka Square, Batu Caves) in KL and our flight was in the afternoon, the last day was dedicated to not waking up early, relaxing in the hotel, so I thought, after breakfast my adventurous Mother wanted to see the Chinatown, I was reckoning that i'll take her in Binondo instead because I just want to lay in bed and watch tv, take time in preparing before we head out to the airport. She insisted she'll go alone and the guilt trip was effective.

Mornings in Chinatown

It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel, we were there early that some of the stores and stalls was still closed, Mother didn't buy anything and since the stalls were closed, we headed back to our hotel. As soon as we got out of the petaling street, we discovered that the Chinatown was located near the Merdeka Square, it's a small world after all. I remember that we took the mono rail and then walked all the way to see the square, sometimes research and mapping are not effective tools for directions, it's about the journey not the destination! cue in Miley Cyrus' song climb haha. She wanted to go back to the central market where she bought tons of souvenirs and trinkets but I told her we need to go back to the hotel and pack our stuff haha.

Lunch at the Hotel
After preparing out luggages, went down the hotel restaurant and ordered lunch while waiting for our shuttle to the airport. Pad Thai, chicken and iced tea was my last authentic Malaysian meal. The past 2 days were jampacked and I was ready to go home :)

KL checccck! Next birthday, i'll be celebrating my birthday in Hanoi! I'm excited!


  1. ang ganda ng blog mooooooo! :D :D keep on exploring the world jona jar! :D :D :D


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