Batad : Good Company, Amazing View

What: Epic Trek
When: November 19 - 20, 2011
Where: Batad, Banaue, Ifugao (Side trip to Banga-an)
Why: Unesco World Heritage Site - Travel Bucket List
How: C/O Dominic "Da Man"

Let me count the ways why this Batad trip was Epic, asides from the 2 hour leg breaking trek - uphill, liters of water, calories shed, lack of sleep, one-liner jokes, crazy off beaten road, amazing view, good travel company, yummy pizza.

I. 2 minutes Topload ride, the first and hopefully not the last.
I was born a worry-wrat, it comes with a box set of fears, name it, I fear it haha!

II. 2 hours Trekking 

I'd like to say, i'm no trekking virgin (pardon, the language) but I've conquered Mt. Pinatubo, but wait there's more! See happy trekkers (for the first 10 mins)

III. Yummy Tuna Egg Pizza
Pizza lover, do I need to say more? :)

IV. Good Food, Good Company
One word: DABEST!

V. Perfect Weather, Breathtaking View 
It was the perfect day to trek, enjoy the view and stare at the terraces haha

VII. Unesco World Heritage
Part of my Travel Bucket List that I can now cross-out. Check!

VIII. Banaue - Batad Rice Terraces 
Walk the talk! 

I am one happy wanderlust wannabe, not only did I get to cross-out a part of my travel bucket list (one down - thousands to go), I gained new friends, saw the real deal - Rice terraces, learned about traditions and the Ifugaos, and the best part is to escape on a weekend.

Everything is possible, weekend warriors, thank you! :)

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