Vietnam: Day 2 (Mekong Delta)

We booked our Mekong Delta tour thru the hotel (Saigon Mini Hotel) for $17, our pick up time was at 730 am. From our Hotel to the Port, its a two hour drive. According to our tourist guide, they call the stopover the happy hour, you can get off the bus, go to the restroom and eat. We were also surprised to see the place filled with hammocks. So you can stretch and relax after sitting for about an hour inside the bus. 

We went to three different Islands, first stop was to learn how they produce the honey, we had free tea and a taste of royal bees wax, which according to mother doesn't taste good at all, then we had the ride of our lives, the boat ride in the canal with salakot. It was scary at first, the canal was overcrowded and filled with tourists and boats, since it was a Sunday and it was like a bump car ride, the boats keeps on bumping with each other :) so make sure your fingers are inside the boat the whole time haha.

Omelette and Chicken Pho for breakfast

En route to Ben Tre, our first stop for the "happy hour" 

At the port of Ben Tre 

First stop, honey bees, honey for tea and free delicacy sample 

Highlight of the trip, ride a boat down the canal with the salakot

After the boat ride we moved to another island, learned how the coconut candies are cooked, prepared and packed. Bought samples as pasalubong for my officemates.
2nd stop: Coconut candy place

Had lunch at another island, we have the option to ride the bicycle and go around the village after lunch. Me and mother opted to sit out the whole lunch time and walk around the village.

Lunch was chicken and rice, we ordered additional spring rolls, fruits from the last leg of the trip
 I thought that the tour was over, for our final stop we had a free taste of the fruits in Vietnam, while we were serenaded by three women :)
Before the tour ends, we were serenaded while eating pineapple, banana, chico, dragon fruit, jack fruit 

Saigon's version of Lays

Happy Hour before we hit the road for another hour

Back at Pho 2000 for dinner, this time we ordered Shrimp spring rolls and explored the Ben Thanh Night Market 
To cap off our second day in Vietnam, we checked out the night market, bought our pasalubongs and continued the search for a North Face Bag and Jacket for the boys.

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