Chapter 1: Giving Birth


Please beware I am not a travel blogger, again I repeat, I am no travel blogger. I don't have any DIY, links or computations about my travels but you can count on the certified travel hit makers, whose travel post I really envy.

I hate writing, I hate the vocabulary, shift F7 is my best friend and sarcasm is my second language. Early to say, but I am giving birth to this blog, the not so amazing stories of a wanderlust wannabe.

Due to the following reasons:

1. I have a never ending BUCKET LIST, Travel Bucket List. (The root cause of this blog and my next project)
2. I want to capsulize everything that I learned in traveling, while traveling and before traveling
3. To breakaway from my personal blog, rants, emodium and cheesy post in daydreambeliever
4. I feel that the timing is right

The rest is history. I will try to fill in the blanks along the way.

Crazy journey is about to begin :)

Sincerely yours,

Wanderlust Wannabe

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