Ilocos: Burgos - Bangui - Pagudpud (04.08.13 - 04.09.13)

I've been to Pagudpud two years ago but I haven't seen these powerful windmills up close, this time around I made sure that this was part of our itinerary.

2 hours drive from Laoag, we reached the town of Burgos. Our first stop was to see the lighthouse, which is the tallest lighthouse in the country.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

Few meters away from the Lighthouse is the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, word of caution for those who are bringing / driving to Kapurpurawan, it's a 3 kilometers of rough road from the entrance (main highway) down the starting point. I hope they could offer a 4x4 ride haha. At one point our car got stuck in the mud but we still made it.

My brother opted to ride the horse for 100 pesos, we on the other hand walked all the way to the rock formations.

These photos don't give justice to how beautiful and remarkable the rock formations are, we were welcomed by the strong waves, the summer heat and white rock formations.

From the quiet town of Burgos, we moved to the next town of Bangui, where the windmills are located.

Facing the south china sea, 20 units of wind turbines supply energy to its neighboring towns.

Lunch at Kangkang Windmill Cafe was surprisingly good, I don't red meat but their bagnet was teasing me, it looks so good, fresh off the pan with it's OIL glory hahaha tempting as it sounds, I finally gave in, it went well with the Sinigang, an odd combo but A MUST TRY! ;)

After our sumptuous lunch, we were back on the road again.

Checked out Saud Beach and Patapat Viaduct which was near Pannzian Resort, where we stayed.

3 days wasn't enough to see and explore Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, we've skipped some of the tourist spots and was always on the go. 2 days were allocated for traveling only and the remaining days were for sight seeing. After a goodnight sleep, we moved to another town, ate to our heart's delight and took tons of photos. Thank God we made it to our destination, safe and sound.

Until the next family vacay :)

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